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I've been thinking it was March 2 or 3rd today, but it's not -- that's good, it means I'm not quite as far behind as I thought! I expect this was because I've been communicating with my DH in Pakistan, and they are half a day ahead of me in time, and that gets me confused after awhile.

I've heard from the Hubby, he has arrived in the city where he will be spending the rest of his time. His time in the mountains was well spent -- he worked hard (harder than a guy with jet lag ought to work, no doubt) to get the house up there cleaned out and cleaned up so it could be given back to the landlord in good shape. He waxed nostalgic about the trip downcountry, reminded him of old times -- that's not to say the trip was pleasant, as driving in Pakistan is an adventure in a class all its own, but that's the kind of adventure my DH would miss, hehe!

I missed talking to him by "instant messaging email" this morning by half an hour -- that's where you are both on at the same time and sending emails back and forth with hardly any wait time in between. I shall have to get up earlier after this, as it seems he gets online in the evenings his time, which is morning my time.

As for me and my day, it's paper route day. I sit in the car while my son delivers papers. I plan to write up a Boromir story idea I have, which should make the time pass quickly.

In keeping with March being B2MEM (Back to MiddleEarth Month), I would like to announce that today is Aragorn's birthday, and here is a found poem I wrote awhile back in honor of the day:


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