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“We don’t anticipate accidents, nor do we expect to die young.”
― V.C. Andrews, Flowers in the Attic 

This appropriate bit of eeriness is by BrokenViolet.


This post is inspired by the fact I recently rediscovered the original score of the 1987 film adaptation of Flowers in the Attic.

When I think of spooky instrumental themes from films, my mind usually goes to the themes of The Exorcist or Psycho. But the theme to Flowers in the Attic by Christopher Young? Genuinely haunting. Here, take a few minutes and enjoy the chills.

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This is the predicted weather today in the neighborhood I lived in before my move:

96°, 17% humidity

Yup, that's the searingly hot October I remember. Those poor firemen in California! They're such heroes.

I'll be running tons of errands today. It's always so satisfying to get them done. :)
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They built it out of stone—dark gray stone, pried loose from the unforgiving mountains. It was a house for those who could not take care of themselves, for those who heard voices, who had strange thoughts and did strange things. The house was meant to keep them in. Once they came, they never left. 
- Madeleine Roux, Asylum    

This stunning photo is Asylum by MadUnTwoSwords.


“If someone tells you you’re crazy enough times, eventually it becomes true. It’s that old psychiatrist’s joke: insanity’s all in your head.”
― Madeleine Roux, Asylum  

Abby’s eyes seemed almost as vacant as those of the girl in the photograph. Then a shiver came over her and she blinked. Gently, almost affectionately, she put the picture back on the wall. She touched it one last time and said, “Poor little bird. I wonder if she ever escaped her cage.”
― Madeleine Roux, Asylum

Bustle lists “13 Horror Novels By Women To Terrify You This Fall” (including, as you may have guessed, Asylum by Madeleine Roux). How many have you read or put on your "to read” list?

Saturday stuff

Oct. 14th, 2017 12:14 pm[personal profile] shirebound
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The idea for chapter 5 finally came to me this morning. I'll be writing today, hooray!

Everything's going well here, and every day is very busy. I found a beautiful bright-red down parka at a second-hand shop, and my Sis-in-Law had one from her aunt that fits Shiremom nicely. I even have a snow shovel and rake now! I can't think of a single important thing we need except for some living room furniture. The house is so warm and cozy. We covered the beige carpeting with lots of random throw-rugs so Pip's little feet won't get the carpeting too dirty too soon. Every day we still do at least one large or small project. I still have one huge carton to unpack, but I hit the wall regarding unpacking and just can't deal with it yet. Nothing important in there, just miscellaneous odds 'n ends.

My brother and his wife will be traveling next week, so I get to feed nine ferals cats while they're gone. :)

I talked with my niece who lives in the Bay Area yesterday, and the fires are really awful up there. She said that ash is falling and the air is full of smoke. I remember the choking air quality during our bad fires in San Diego -- my eyes were irritated for weeks, and ash covered everything.

In puppy news, Pippin chased a mouse all over the yard this morning... and killed it! I was appalled, but she seemed quite satisfied and pleased. I know what she'll be dreaming about tonight. I had no idea she was such a carnivorous beastie. This move has been wonderful for her; she's getting more exercise, and smelling so many new and exciting things. Poor mousie. :(
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Back during the 2013 Halloween Countdown, I mentioned the Boggy Creek Monster, or Fouke Monster, sightings of which center primarily around the Boggy Creek area on the borders between Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. The creature was made famous beyond the region thanks to the 1972 docudrama The Legend of Boggy Creek (which was an annual viewing tradition in my Oklahoma family) and the films it inspired, such as Return to Boggy Creek (1977) and Boggy Creek II: The Legend Continues (1984).

A couple of recent documentaries have looked into the phenomenon: Southern Fried Bigfoot (2007) and Boggy Creek Monster: The Truth Behind the Legend (2016).

This year, two of my daring Halloween Countdown undercover operatives* made a bold journey to Fouke, Arkansas, saw the monster-related sights firsthand, and sent photos of their journey.


The locals, such as the friendly folk you might meet at the Monster Mart, are happy to talk about the area’s reputation. Public art celebrates the creature.


This is “Bigfoot Country”!


My operatives had no sightings or close encounters, but they did send me some sweet Fouke Monster swag from their adventure.


I’ll leave you with lyrics from one of the more iconic ingredients of The Legend of Boggy Creek, “The Legend of Boggy Creek” theme (also known as “Lonely Cry”) with lyrics and music by Earl E. Smith, originally sung by Chuck Bryant.

Here the Sulphur River flows,
Rising when the storm cloud blows.
And this is where the creature goes,
Safe within a world he knows.

Perhaps he dimly wonders, “Why,
There is no other such as I,
To touch, to love, before I die,
To listen to my lonely cry.”

Listen to the original version or listen to cover versions by Pedro Boyd or by The Accidental Trio.

*Thanks, Mother and Daddy!

LOTR Yule Fic Exchange

Oct. 13th, 2017 02:42 pm[personal profile] shirebound
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The 2017 LOTR "Yule Fic Exchange" post is up! The deadline for requests is October 31. The post is here:

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It's Friday the 13th, people! You can't get more Halloween-friendly than that. May your day be spooktacular (in a good way, of course).

It seems only fitting to share with you a chilling passage from U.S. businessman/author Thomas W. Lawson's popular 1907 work Friday, the Thirteenth: A Novel, which some credit with contributing to the contemporary sense of doom that hangs over the day. In Lawson's novel, a corrupt broker takes advantage of the already-existing "Friday the 13th" superstition to create a Wall Street panic on that date. As you might imagine, the results are tragic.

This is the frontispiece to the novel by Sigismond de Ivanowski.

Here, let your spine be tingled by this excerpt:

Then, horror of horrors! I saw that there was something missing from her great blue eyes. I looked; gasped. Could it possibly be? With a bound I was at her side. I gazed again into those eyes which that morning had been all that was intelligent, all that was godlike, all that was human. Their soul, their life was gone. Beulah Sands was a dead woman; not dead in body, but in soul; the magic spark had fled. She was but an empty shell--a woman of living flesh and blood; but the citadel of life was empty, the mind was gone. What had been a woman was but a child. I passed my hand across my now damp forehead. I closed my eyes and opened them again. Bob's figure, with clasped, uplifted hands, and bursting eyes, was still there. There still resounded through the room the awful guttural groans. Beulah Sands smiled, the smile of an infant in the cradle. She took one beautiful hand from the paper and passed it over Bob's bronzed cheek, just as the infant touches its mother's face with its chubby fingers. In my horror I almost expected to hear the purling of a babe. My eyes in their perplexity must have wandered from her face, for I suddenly became aware of a great black head-line spread across the top of the paper that she had been reading:


And beneath in one of the columns:



In another column:


A hideous picture seared its every light and shade on my mind, through my heart, into all my soul. A frenzied-finance harvest scene with its gory crop; in the centre one living-dead, part of the picture, yet the ghost left to haunt the painters, one of whom was already cowering before the black and bloody canvas.

You can read the complete novel for free here at Project Gutenberg.
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My guest scholar talk (from the recent A Long-Expected Party 4 celebration) on the relationship between J.R.R. Tolkien and Star Wars storytelling is now up in full for free here on the latest episode of the StarShipSofa podcast.

If you listen, I hope you enjoy!

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Surely no song says Halloween like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”


Here is the “Thriller” rap performed by Vincent Price, including the “lost” second verse that doesn’t appear in the song.

Darkness falls across the land.
The midnight hour is close at hand.
Creatures crawl in search of blood
To terrorize y'all’s neighborhood.
And whosoever shall be found
Without the soul for getting down
Must stand and face the hounds of hell
And rot inside a corpses shell!

The demons squeal in sheer delight.
Its you they spy: so plump, so right.
For though the groove is hard to beat,
Yet still you stand with frozen feet!
You try to run, you try to scream,
But no more sun you’ll ever see,
For evil reaches from the crypt
To crush you with its icy grip!

The foulest stench is in the air,
The funk of forty-thousand years,
And grizzly ghouls from every tomb
Are closing in to seal your doom.
And though you fight to stay alive,
Your body starts to shiver!
For no mere mortal can resist
The evil of the Thriller!

Can you dig it?

*Evil Laughter*

For your spooky listening pleasure, here is that legendary “Thriller” voice-over session with Vincent Price in full…

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My new neighborhood seems to be exploding with Halloween spirit and decorations. I've been living in a gated apartment complex for so long, I nearly forgot what a rural, neighborhood Halloween looked like. I'd better pick up some bags of candy and be prepared! I put my camera right next to Pippin's leash this morning so I can take pictures on our 'walkies' (as soon as it stops raining); I did remember to snap this one yesterday:


I have tons of errands today, including a massive grocery run. I'm so relieved to finally know where all the shops are.

Speaking of Halloween, [personal profile] casey28 has posted 45 awesome Halloween icons:


Brains just wanna have fun

Oct. 11th, 2017 03:49 pm[personal profile] primsong
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I keep trying to accomplish Serious Study things in the evenings and instead I end up reading Miraculous Ladybug fics. I guess I'm okay with exchanging self improvement for self entertainment. Besides, it's jolly fun for my inner child and that certainly cancels out any obligations as an adult, right?

Btw, if you like Miraculous read anything at all by quicksilversquared. She is brilliant.

Also I haz student

Oct. 11th, 2017 09:52 am[personal profile] primsong
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I am leveling up, I think. I now have my very own private dance student who comes to my place once a week, and I just got an invite from a pro dancer to meet at her place a few times so she can help teach me choreography tips and how to better use the stage space.
0.0 She says she wants me to dance at their holiday show.

I am simultaneously pleased and terrified.
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Wow, where did September go? Why do I remain astonished at the rate life goes whipping by even though it's done so pretty much since I left grade school?

Been stuffing time into fixing the house trying to get as much done before the autumn October Rains arrived - this week was the start of the rainy season here, so I'm grateful I (barely) managed to finish sanding and staining the boards to fix my front deck before the temperature went down. They'll wait in the garage til I can get them put into place but at least they're done. Steps are fixed, back patio is fixed, yay!

Most of the month I was tweaking gutters, installing two rainbarrels, connecting them and getting an overflow system put into place via digging a drainage trench, lining it and filling it with pipe and rocks... lots of rocks... rocks...are...heavy... Then edging it all in cottage stone, filling in with soil and planting bulbs in there. End result looks great, wish I'd done this years ago. Hopefully this will help stave off a repeat of the water seepage we had last year.

Time to rip out tender potted plants and get the pots into the green house, put away hoses, etc. Booyah, here comes Autumn!
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We can all agree that death sucks. But I think we can also agree that if we’re going to die, we may as well eat a lot of candy before we go.

Halloween is one of many "memento mori" traditions designed to make death just a little bit more fun—and provide an age-appropriate hint to children about an inescapable fact of life, which is that life ends.

This has emotional benefits. As Oliver Burkemen notes in his essay “The Positive Power of Negative Thinking,” one study found that walking through a graveyard made people 40 percent more likely to help a stranger than walking down an ordinary block; another found that visualizing death can lead us to become more grateful for the things we have in life.

- “Five Reasons Why Humans Need Halloween“ by Jeremy Adam Smith


As one of the “naturally cantankerous and gloomy,” I also recommend the related/linked (and Halloween-relevant) article “The Positive Power of Negative Thinking.”

And speaking of visualizing death, I found this list to be helpful:Here’s how to get your Halloween TV fix this year.”

Here’s another great link for the season: “8 Chilling Reads from Around the World.”


The artwork is october/ and october// by the very talented Ogvi.

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If you're looking for some darkly comic and fun viewing for the Halloween season, I recommend the new eleven-part web series Edgar Allan Poe's Murder Mystery Invite Only Casual Dinner Party/Gala For Friends Potluck.

The premise? Edgar Allan Poe invites some of history’s most famous authors (Mary Shelley, Oscar Wilde, Emily Dickinson, H.G. Wells, Charlotte Brontë, Louisa May Alcott, Fyodor Dostoevsky, George Eliot, Ernest Hemingway, you get the idea) to play a murder mystery game, but things don’t go quite as planned. Gothic madness!

I laughed out loud. Give this a try.

Check out the trailer below ("Don't do murder!"), and then help yourself to the entire series!

The Last Jedi!

Oct. 10th, 2017 07:41 am[personal profile] eldritchhobbit
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Tickets acquired!

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A reminder that mews1945's daughter said she'd be closing down Julia's Livejournal account on the 22nd of this month. Save whatever stories or posts are precious to you! (I remembered all the birthday stories Julia wrote for me over the years.) I also saved one of her icons that brings sweet memories.
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Last week Reynardine put stunning new – well, new to me – music on my radar, and today I simply have to share. (Thank you, Reynardine!)image

Inspired by a walk among the tombstones of The Old Burying Ground in Jaffrey, New Hampshire, this orchestral song cycle weaves together epitaphs from two historic cemeteries with compelling new poems by Irish and American poets. Featuring the GRAMMY Award winning University of Michigan Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Kenneth Kiesler, The Old Burying Ground has guest performances by folksinger, Tim Eriksen, soprano, Anne-Carolyn Bird, and tenor, Nicholas Phan. 

Here is “And Pass From Hence Away.”

“While cemeteries carry remnants of profound human suffering, they are also places of great peace. For me, they provide an ideal place for a meditation upon how lives appear and disappear in the world.”
- Evan Chambers, composer

Here is “O Say Grim Death.”

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Happy birthday to Frank Herbert (8 October, 1920 – 11 February, 1986)!

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

- Frank Herbert, Dune

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Today I woke up to rain and a migraine. Haven't had one of *those* in a long time (thank goodness), so I just took it easy today, puttered around, and watched "Wonder Woman". I enjoyed it very much. It's creative, well paced, and not overpowered by CGI. And what a cool role for Robin Wright. She certainly is versatile.

Pippin is now OBSESSED with her backyard. She wants to catch a squirrel SO badly. I think she chases them in her sleep and wakes up rarin' to get back out there. The temps have climbed again -- it's back in the low 80s -- and winter seems far away, but I can't wait to see what she thinks of snow. The dog I grew up with adored jumping around in it, and trying to eat it.

I got together with four friends from long ago -- the mid-1970s -- who still live in the area, and we had the best time! It's like we were never apart. We talked nonstop, laughed, ate BBQ and Kettle Corn (I had never heard of that before), and then they sat me down to teach me Pinochle. After two or three hands I sort of kind of started to "get it", so I'm looking forward to improving.

I'll be helping my sister-in-law this week prepare for a huge local flea market. My brother and his wife have SO MUCH STUFF. I hope I can assist in easing even a small portion of it out the door.

I wish I could start writing chapter 5 (the final chapter) of my story, but I can't seem to figure out where/how to start it. It's frustrating! Maybe I should try to write the end first, then work my way back. Hmmmm, that's not a bad idea.

I hope everyone has a good week!


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