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Well, the cicada plot bunny really gave the Lords of Gondor epic a run for its money in the Finish-a-thon poll!  They were tied for quite awhile there, right up until the end!  However, Lords of Gondor pulled ahead at the last minute, so that is the tale that I am committed to "finish."

Of course, there really is no way I can finish it in just 8 weeks, which is the amount of time I have to spend on this writing marathon.  So I am going to instead choose a set amount of words to write, and that will be my goal.

So, in order to be accountable to myself and to the Finish-a-thon group, I hereby commit to writing at least 8,000 words for Lords of Gondor by the due date of August 13th!

I actually calculated my average chapter size from past chapters and 8,000 words comes to about 3 chapters -- I should be able to handle that, right?  *hopes*

I still might have to write that cicada tale, also -- but not until after I've made sure I've done what I need to for the winning tale.  ;-)
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I recently signed up for what is known as a Finish-a-thon -- the goal of which is to help a writer finish one of those long-neglected blot bunnies or already begun tales that are kicking around the place.

It is set up as a LiveJournal poll, and that means any of you who wish to can vote, to help me decide which of my stories gets finished -- or at least worked on to the point of 10,000 more words written, in the case of an impossibly long epic that could in no way be finished by the deadline!  ;-)

I have proposed the following tales as candidates for finishing -- two are multiple chapter works, and two are plot bunnies that I WILL write, but it looks like I need help in getting them started.  They are all in the LotR fandom:

Click here for Lin's stalled fics )

And my poll is here, so please go vote and help me choose which one to concentrate on this summer!  I think the polls are open until Friday, so don't hesitate, go vote!  :-D


I'm feeling quite stirred to finish all of them at this point, so the Finish-a-thon is already having a good effect!!
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I've not done one of these Writer's Block things before, but when I saw this one, I knew what I wanted to say straight off.

My theme song for my middle school years would have been Concerning Hobbits -- because it was when I was in middle school that I read Lord of the Rings for the first time, and was smitten for life.

Later, in high school, my affection was transferred from hobbits to Gondor, so I suppose my theme song would have then been Minas Tirith!

Either way, LotR pretty much ruled my life during middle school and high school -- there was a group of us who had a sort of a fan club going, where we would try to stump one another with LotR trivia questions over lunch hour! Come to think of it, I may still be doing stuff like that, hehe!  Lord of the Rings doesn't quite rule my life in the same way it once did, but it's still a major source of inspiration for me -- after listening to these theme songs of mine, I'm thinking I need to get back into again...


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