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One of the LotR writing communities I belong to is having a discussion based on a meme called "30 Days of Headcanon", in which each day you explain a little something about your own views of the "universe" you write.  I couldn't resist sharing a little something for Day 2, which concerned "something about a character you are hopelessly in love with."  That would be Boromir, of course.  ;-)

When I first started reading LotR as a young person in 8th grade, I was immediately drawn to the Men of the tale. I was very fond of the hobbits (Sam in particular) but it was the stories involving the Men that really piqued my interest. I started out as an Aragorn fan, but somehow, after a second reading of the trilogy, Boromir worked his way into my affections, and once he got my attention, that was that.

I still have old copies of the trilogy where I have underlined in green pen all the times Boromir was especially cool or honorable or strong. It was always special to me to see how many times he is mentioned or remembered with honor and respect by other characters even after his death! I've underlined every word of it. ;-) My favorite Boromir "adventure" in LotR is the time they spend on Caradhras, where I believe Boroimir's true character shines out as he is instrumental in saving everyone from the snow storm.

Boromir's fall from grace as he is tempted by the Ring endears him to me much more than it angers me, because he is shown as being very much a real person who has faults and weaknesses, and who has the strength of character to acknowledge those weaknesses in the end, even though it is after his fall. Sometimes it takes a hard fall to help people see clearly where they need to change, and I think Boromir was like that. After almost 35 years of loving Boromir, when the idea came to pursue how that acknowledgement of his own weakness and fault might have played out if he had survived at Amon Hen, I couldn't resist, and began exploring through writing Boromir's journey towards home and redemption. That was ten years ago, and I'm still working on it!

I'm only slightly less in love with Boromir's family.  Faramir and Denethor are such a part of Boromir in my headcanon that my love for him extends to them as well -- and even further, to all Men of Gondor!  Having so many awesome Men to write about makes for a pretty fun time, I must say.  ;-)

But Boromir is still my favorite, and there are still many stories about him to be written that I haven't discovered yet in my "universe."  Guess I'll go work on writing some of those now!
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