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[ profile] siradaono has a birthday today, and I want to honor him in proper fashion!

Many joyful Gondorian returns of the day!

I'll be thinking of you all day, today -- and praying it is a day of blessing, joy and encouragement for you!

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People have been asking how my birthday was -- so I'll tell you!  The highlights of the day were as follows:
  • So many people sent me lovely greetings at LJ and Facebook!!!  Thank you!!!
  • I had some drabbles written for me!!
  • I got some cool gifts -- among them, one of my favorite pictures of Richard Sharpe on a key chain (thanks to my "twin" and fellow Sharpe fan Tom).  Also very impressive was a gift from my brother -- he finds the most interesting things and knows what I like!!

  • I got a few cards in the mail, too, and a nice big check from my dad which will be duly spent after I decide what I want most in the world -- that money can buy, that is!
  • I am hopeful that more cards will be arriving in coming days, and I don't think I've seen the last of the birthday gifts as yet.  So that's something to look forward to.  :-)
  • My sister called me on the phone, yay!!  She was the one family person I didn't get to see this past weekend, so we had a nice birthday talk.
  • The final epic episode of an anime show I've been following like a geeky fangirl aired on my birthday, so I watched that and enjoyed every minute.  Not having mastered Japanese yet, I could only enjoy the action, but there was plenty of that, so it was fun.  Sengoku Basara is the name of the anime, and its based on a video game.  It's basically just a bunch of manly action with almost all my favorite Japanese voice actors doing the characters, so I'm a happy anime fan whenever I'm watching that show!  It's continuing next year, too!
  • It was actually a very busy day with just traveling back to Chicago from a weekend in Wisconsin, so I didn't get a "special day just for me" on my birthday.  That is happening today and tomorrow!
A yes, I've been busy update )

Today and tomorrow I am having quiet days all to myself -- not going out, not cooking unless I have to, resting my knee and generally loafing.  Only the most necessary of housework will be done!  DH gets back tomorrow night, so should have two good days to myself.  Besides, today is no day to be going out -- it's raining horribly here, with thunder and lightning and hail -- no tornados yet, though.  I went out on the balcony to save my patio tomato plant just a bit ago and got immediately soaked!!

Which was kind of fun, lol!  Maybe I'll do it again...


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