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Back in 2011, I started writing a story based on a baseball anime/manga I really enjoyed, called Major.  My intention was to fill in a few gaps that weren't really covered to my satisfaction in the anime. I managed 6 chapters before I got a bit bogged down. I kept meaning to finish the story, and pecked away at it over time, but never managed to get past the point where I had originally stopped -- one reason possibly being that I felt I needed a bit more information from canon to help me finish the way I wanted to, but that information was only available in Japanese!

Earlier this month, the manga chapters that covered the part I was interested in were finally translated (into Spanish, a language I can read but not speak any longer), and I was able to access the information I was missing. It wasn't anything earth-shattering, but it gave me a better feel for my characters and I was able to get inspired enough to complete the last two chapters of the story.

If anyone is at all interested in having a look and possibly a read, Dreaming New Dreams is posted and complete at Archive of Our Own.

Even though it took 5 years, I finally finished one of my multi-chapter Works in Progress! Whoo hoo!  Now to tackle the next WIP that's been neglected for far too long...
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This is a post from my LJ which I thought I'd share here as well.

I'm involved in the Finish-a-thon again this year and I need folks to help me decide which WIP or story idea will be the one I work on for this year's finish-a-thon.  Below is a link to the poll so if you have an account at LJ and care to participate, please cast your vote and help me out!

If you are participating in the Finish-a-thon yourself, you can vote twice, if you are not a participant, you can only vote for one piece.

The stories I've included in the poll are as follows -- more info on the stories along with links to existing chapters are available at the above link, along with the poll:
  • Dreaming New Dreams -- a WIP based on the Major anime/manga series, which is about as far away from LotR as you can get, but it's been fun writing it.  As usual with me, it is still unfinished.  ;-)
  • Face of the Enemy -- a Boromir WIP that has been dormant for too long
  • Lords of Gondor -- my epic WIP which simply can't be left where it is
  • Plot bunny A -- this is a story idea that I've had which won't leave me alone (check out the poll to see what it is!)
  • Plot bunny B -- another persistent story idea which has intrigued me for some time (check out the poll to see about that one, too!)
THE POLL IS ONLY GOING TO BE UP FOR A WEEK -- so please vote now!  Thank you kindly!


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