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I've been at this PowerPoint stuff all day long. The house is a wreck -- I managed to feed the troops, but didn't get cleaned up afterwards, so I could get back to the PP. I have only managed 3 slides so far, which come to slightly less than a minute running time. The show can't be any longer than 4 minutes -- thankfully!

I have one of those dazed, working at the computer too long headaches, but I'm pretty pleased with myself. I actually know what I am doing now! This is learn as you go, big time. But I need to spend less time fine-tuning the slides I've done, and finish working up the other ones, then I can fine tune it as a whole.

I'll get right on it, after coffee and ibuprofen...
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I've started this post about 6 times, trying to come up with something intelligent and clever, cheerful and encouraging, but my brain hasn't kicked in yet, it would seem. :-D More coffee, please.

I had a kind of a dozy weekend and didn't get much accomplished until yesterday, but no matter! It was still a good weekend. Yesterday's sermon at church was fascinating -- our pastor has been going through the book of Exodus, and is now beginning a series on all those "boring" laws one usually skips over when reading the Old Testament, to show us how to make sense of them in that time frame as well as apply them in a helpful way in the present. The past two Sundays have been excellent -- that's the way church should be, where one doesn't want to miss a Sunday for fear of missing the teaching and the blessing and exhorting and conviction that comes with it.

I have a major project coming due in a few days, that involves PowerPoint, and which is taking up most of my thoughts today. My goal for today is to actually take my scattered bits and pieces and put them together into something coherent. This is going to be a 4 presentation for a church about our proposed ministry in Chicago -- ever try consolidating all your hopes and plans and speculations into 4 minutes, with pictures? I used to do this stuff all the time with slides, but never with PP, so I'm learning as I go. But the technical aspect doesn't seem that hard, just the wrapping my head around the ideas.

Other things I want to do today:

Clean up my desk so I can put my laptop on it instead of my lap
Finish catching up on my Flist
Work on a lesson for a Bible study that I haven't had a chance to get to yet
Do some walking before the rain starts
Work on some "just for me" writing projects, even if it's just for a few minutes

Guess I'd better get started, if I'm going to get all this done before it's time to sleep again. Just one more cuppa and I should be good to go...

Have a good Monday, friends -- may you find some joy in whatever project is before you today, no matter what else is going on around you!


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