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It's March and that means Back to Middle-earth Month.  I missed the beginning of it, being fairly droopy all weekend, but I have something to share today -- a new Lords of Gondor chapter, whew!  Just click on the link and enjoy a journey to Gondor.

If you need some review of what has been happening prior to this, just click on the tag and you'll see all the previous chapters posted as well.  Enjoy!

Thanks for reading!  Now I'm off to catch up on what I missed over the weekend!
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Here is something I prepared for a Lothlorien theme day some time ago.  It seems a fitting item to share today as it ends with March 28!  I haven't been good at keeping up with the Back to Middle-Earth Month, so I'm glad I didn't miss being able to share something significant that goes with the day.

And speaking of  the Golden Wood,  here is a favorite picture of mine, that does not fall into the timeline presented above, but is worth sharing nonetheless.

There are a few days left in the month of March, so hopefully I won't let them pass unremembered, without another wee something to share!
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I shall probably be offline today, my dears -- but before I turn off the computer, I wanted to post something I read recently as part of my journey back to Middle-earth. This is a very well-written and detailed synopsis of what took place on March 4, from The Shire-Reckoning, an excellent calendar site based on Tolkien's Tale of Years.  I thought the entry for today was particularly fascinating.

Hope you all have a pleasant March 4, unplagued by desperate battles, Orcs or Ringwraiths!
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At the risk of burying my earlier post of the day, here is another!

In light of my exercise today wrestling with wet, heavy snow and a woefully inadequate shovel, here is a wee gap-filler I wrote as a companion piece to one of my favorite parts of FotR -- the passage through the snow on Caradhras."  My inspiration comes from Boromir, of course, in the following comment:
"...happily your Caradhras has forgotten that you have Men with you.  And doughty Men too, if I may say it; though lesser men with spades might have served you better. Still, we have thrust a lane through the drift; and for that all here may be grateful who cannot run as light as Elves."

As for shoveling, I did what I could, and I'm going to let DH deal with the rest, since I can't seem to interest Boromir in dealing with it!
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From the Tale of Years:

March 2 Frodo comes to the end of the Marshes. Gandalf comes to Edoras and heals Théoden. The Rohirrim ride west against Saruman. Second Battle of Fords of Isen. Erkenbrand defeated. Entmoot ends in after-noon. The Ents march on Isengard and reach it at night.

Click on the cut to see some pictures of these events, done by the amazing artist Anke Eissmann.

Unfortunately, my writing brain is asleep today, so I am falling back on other people's skill and talent!
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It's a blustery day here in Wisconsin, in the best Pooh tradition -- the kind of blustery that takes you by surprise and knocks you off your feet, that blows your hair about so that you are glad you didn't bother to wash it until AFTER your walk, the kind where the sky really wants to be overcast but it can't manage it because the wind keeps blowing the clouds clear so the glorious sun can shine forth -- though the clouds seem to be winning right now.
Image hosting by Photobucket

Things I am happy about today:

- God helped me see where I can make a change in my attitude that makes everything seem more balanced!
- I am beginning to make some progress in getting myself more organized, which can only be a good thing, hee!
- I took an envigorating walk this morning on the local bike trail, and the wet earth smell that comes after a rain was simply heavenly. And the blustery wind was nice, too -- it's just warm enough today that the wind is a blessing.
- Hubby found a decent bicycle in a dumpster and has fixed it up for me so I can start biking again, yay!
- Hubby is also talking about getting a Wisconsin parks sticker, then buying a tent and camping equipment of our very own, so we don't have to borrow it and can camp whenever we feel like it. I'm excited about doing some camping this summer!
- I have a wee creative niggle going in the back of my brain that leads me to believe that my writing days are not over and that a new Boromir chapter just might happen in the not too distant future.

I haven't been very good about keeping up with Back to Middle-earth Month, but it's always ME month for me, anyway, hehe. But here's a poem I promised to put up for [ profile] my_cocoon, who is a fellow Tuor fan.

Chosen )

And to finish the Back to ME month out right...

A precious possession from Gondor )

Guess that got to be more Lumba Mota (Long Fat) than Chota Mota (Small Fat), but as Boromir would say, "I care not!" :-D Guess I had more to share today than I thought, hehe. Have a great day, friends!
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Thanks to all who cheered me yesterday, I'm feeling better in all ways. Still a bit droopy, but I think I'm getting a cold. ;-) I will answer you each personally who left me a word of encouragement, over the course of the day today.

I got up this morning to more than a dozen emails from my DH, with lists and pictures of things to be decided upon. He's trying to behave and bring me all my goodies that I want back, and I'm trying to behave and be practical about not asking for too much. If he can sell some of the things I have marked for sale, then maybe we can buy new goodies! :-D

A wee list of goals for today, to help commit myself to doing the work:

Clean up -- ugh, I've been a slob this week!
Laundry -- we sort of ran out of some things, yikes!
Boromir -- he's starting to be extrememly put out, so he's my number one goal for today; it's been 2 months since the last chapter, eeeek!

And now, for Verse Thursday, a found poem in honor of the Steward of Gondor, since yesterday marked the date in ROTK when Denethor burned himself on the pyre:

Thinking of you all today, my dears -- with particularly fond, fervent thoughts and prayers for [profile] boriel.
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 Here's a bit of a long musing I wrote early on in the days when FOTR was still in the theaters.  I was thinking today about how good men can sometimes fail and fall, yet in repentance find peace with their failing.  Of course, Boromir came to mind, then, and I remembered this musing.  The poem that follows was written separately, but goes along with it well.  Sorry, it's long -- hope you won't be dismayed but will find time to read it, especially if you missed it when it was first posted.

Hope Misplaced

I set my hope on the White City, 
But she was besieged and came close to falling;

I placed my trust in my heritage, 
But my blood ran red as any common man's;

I set my hope on my ability to lead men, 
But I broke my oath and attacked my friend;  

I placed my trust in my sword and shield, 
But my sword did not bring victory, for my enemy outnumbered me.

I set my hope on my right to rule, 
But I fell to temptation, while another resisted;

I placed my trust in battles and sorties, 
I should have listened, and let others lead;

I set my hope on myself, on my honor, 
My honor was broken, and my strength revealed as weakness.

I sought answers to a riddle;
I found the answer, but did not understand.

I sought aid for the battle; 
I found one who would take my place. 

I sought to please my father; 
I should have obeyed my King.  

I sought friendship; 
I found it, and lost it, 
And found it again, ere the end.  

I sought forgiveness; 
I received it, though not from the injured one. 
But it was enough. 

--- Linaewen, 2002

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I've been thinking it was March 2 or 3rd today, but it's not -- that's good, it means I'm not quite as far behind as I thought! I expect this was because I've been communicating with my DH in Pakistan, and they are half a day ahead of me in time, and that gets me confused after awhile.

I've heard from the Hubby, he has arrived in the city where he will be spending the rest of his time. His time in the mountains was well spent -- he worked hard (harder than a guy with jet lag ought to work, no doubt) to get the house up there cleaned out and cleaned up so it could be given back to the landlord in good shape. He waxed nostalgic about the trip downcountry, reminded him of old times -- that's not to say the trip was pleasant, as driving in Pakistan is an adventure in a class all its own, but that's the kind of adventure my DH would miss, hehe!

I missed talking to him by "instant messaging email" this morning by half an hour -- that's where you are both on at the same time and sending emails back and forth with hardly any wait time in between. I shall have to get up earlier after this, as it seems he gets online in the evenings his time, which is morning my time.

As for me and my day, it's paper route day. I sit in the car while my son delivers papers. I plan to write up a Boromir story idea I have, which should make the time pass quickly.

In keeping with March being B2MEM (Back to MiddleEarth Month), I would like to announce that today is Aragorn's birthday, and here is a found poem I wrote awhile back in honor of the day:


Nov. 8th, 2004 10:59 pm
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I can still remember the anticipation I felt at my first viewing of FOTR -- waiting, hoping to see Boromir's mad dash to the rescue of Merry and Pippin and the fight with the Orcs, that had only been dealt with in the books as a brief memory of Pippin's, almost an afterthought. It was of utmost importance to me that I actually see him fight and fall, though I knew it would be sad, so sad!

It all came back to me afresh as I watched it again this evening for the umpteenth time -- this time on TV. It was marvelous to be able to sit with my hubby and share that memory with him (for the first time, really), and see him nod with understanding and sympathy. Seeing these scenes again still makes me sniffle -- with joy that I could actually witness it on the screen after imagining it for 30+ years, and with sadness at having to say farewell to an honorable man, fictional character though he is.

But may I say, it sure is nice to have him alive in my inklings! ;-)

::Happy sniffle, happy sigh:: I shall never get tired of reading these books and seeing these films!



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