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Well, I might have found my dream house.

Unfortunately, it is not Hubby's dream house.  ;-)

Not because there is anything wrong with it in particular, but because it's on the very upper edge of what we have set as our price range.  And that is a legitimate reason for putting it on the "this could work, but let's look for something cheaper" list.

My hubby is very much a "don't buy the first thing you see, unless you have looked at a million other options first and then come back to it" train of thought.  And I'm willing to go with that -- as long as he lets me keep this one on the list.  If we don't find anything else suitable, I'm all for this one.  The back yard alone is worth the money, IMO -- it reminded me at once of the backyard of the house I grew up in, that my dad cultivated carefully to be wild in an organized way.  A house that comes with a magnificent blue spruce and wee apple tree with crisp looking apples and a front porch made for a rocking chair can't be all bad.  And the inside is fun, too -- just old enough to be interesting but not so old that it is impossible to heat or cool; roomy enough that 3 adults + a guest or two could have a grand time together or separately -- without being so big that we hear the echoes as we knock around in it.

The worst thing about it was the kitchen -- pretty small, but quaintly cute for all that.   I already have a few ideas about how I could get by without complaining about that.

It wasn't the first we saw -- that one was hands down a no go as soon as we entered the house and saw the wooden pillar in the middle of the living room holding up the sagging ceiling.  It just got worse as we went through the house and saw the amateurish attempts at remodeling.  Oy!  The third one we saw today was worth looking at, but the bathrooms were distinctly a problem that made the rest of the house really not worth considering -- and the traffic noise from the busy street was no better than the interstate which already plagues us in our apartment.

We've got a couple of weeks left to look hard at lots of places, before we decide which one we are going to go for -- I hoping to find a place with all the things I love about Dream House Number One, wrapped up in a cheaper package.


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