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I'm very pleased that several of my stories have been nominated for the LOTR "Tree and Flower Awards" (full list of nominees HERE).  These awards are sponsored by the lotr_community and the story archive Many Paths to Tread.  Here's my lovely banner for being a nominee!  \o/

2013 Tree and Flower Awards Nominee

My nominated stories are as follows:

Favorite Vignette

Dreams of Boats
Faramir tells Boromir of a disturbing dream.

Favorite story inspired by the Hobbit movie by Peter Jackson

Astray on the Road to Bag End
Thorin Oakenshield gets lost on his way to Bag End. Based on Thorin's comment about losing his way in Peter Jackson's film, "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey."

Favorite Recipe!fic

Something Hot Would Go Down Nice
The hobbits are tired of eating cold food on their journey and start daydreaming about how something hot would go down nice.

Favorite characterization of Boromir

A Son to Be Proud Of
Boromir contemplates the relationship between his father and his brother as he prepares to leave upon his quest.

Bearing the Warrior Home
Boromir's journey home and the boat that takes him there.



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The first cicadas of the year are making their music outside my window this evening. I am content!  In honor of the occasion, here's a short fixed length fic I wrote a couple of years ago, featuring cicadas:

Sounds of Home

Boromir sat under a tree, legs stretched out before him.  Weary after long hours of trudging under the hot summer sun, the shade provided him welcome respite.

The resonant buzzing of cicadas filled the air, first growing loud, then ebbing away to begin again from another place.  One strident fellow claimed the branches above Boromir’s head for his own, his drumming music bold and insistent.

Boromir smiled, pleased at the sound and filled with contentment.  This song was common throughout Gondor, from the trees of his City to the fields and woods approaching the Sea.

He was far from home, but the sounds of home were with him, even here.

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While it may seem to some that I have been missing in action -- particularly in the realm of writing -- I have actually been rather busily inspired, judging by the list I recently made of  little things I have written of late.  While I've made only very slow progress (if you can even call it that) on my epic Works in Progress, I haven't been so idle in the "writing other stuff" department.

Since I have neglected to actually post many of these stories in my journals, however, I figured I'd better at least share the list here, with some links to places where the stories can be read, if anyone is so inclined as to look them up and see what I've been up to.  :-D

Dates included refer to the month when the stories were first written; some older stories are included as they participated in the Middle-Earth Fanfiction Awards and received awards as noted.

Bearing the Warrior Home (March 2013 - B2MEM) -
A Suitable Arrangement (Feb 3013) -
Astray on the Road to Bag End (Jan 2013) -

First-Day Blessing (Dec 2012) -
Kingsfoil (Nov 2012) -
Morning Vigil (Sept 2012) -
Reading Tolkien Chronologically (August 2012, revised edition of earlier work) -
The World Ahead (July 2012) -
Going Home (June 2012) -
Hoarded History (May 2012) -
A Son to Be Proud Of (May 2012) -
Mint Green for Healing (March 2012) -
Something Hot Would Go Down Nice (Jan 2012) -
Gone Missing (Dec 2011) -
Too Young (Oct 2011) -

Green Grows the Holly -- MEFA 3rd place (Dec 2010) -
If Ever You'd Met Me -- MEFA Honorable Mention (Dec 2010) -
The Burden of Sons -- MEFA 3rd place (Dec 2010) -
Fulfilled Rites -
On the Subject of Brothers -
Boots Made for Walking -- MEFA Honorable Mention -
The Sun Also Rises -
Reforged (Finishathon) -- MEFA 3rd place -
Evil Undone (LotR GFic Big Bang) -


Gaffers and Gardens (HM)

More to follow, hopefully!

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Back in April, I shared in my journal that I had decided to take part in a Finish-a-thon, to help push me towards finishing some of the stories I had begun writing or to complete a story based on one of the plot bunnies that had been plaguing me.  People voted on which of my tales or plot bunnies should be the one I concentrate on, and one of the plot bunnies was chosen.

For the past month and a half, I've been working on the following bunny:

Fandom:  Lord of the Rings
Rating:  all-ages
Type:  gen
Description:  Plot bunny -- Boromir somehow recognizes Aragorn as being Thorongil, who spent time in Minas Tirith when Boromir was a young child. How does this affect their relationship and goals?

The deadline for finishing my Finish-a-thon story is today!  I actually finished a week or two early, and posted the story in some of the archives I frequent -- but I waited to post the story here at LJ until today.

Reforged )


It was really fun writing this one!  I actually think I might have to write a sequel to it sometime -- but not yet.  First I have to see about working on -- even finishing -- some of those other stories that have been waiting for me to pay attention to them.  ;-)

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This is a tale I wrote for a fixed-length challenge at [ profile] lotr_community.  Enjoy!

Title:  Sounds of Home
Rating:  G
Theme:  Short and Sweet 
Elements:  Write a fixed-length ficlet of exactly 110 words
Author's Notes:  This plot bunny placed second in my poll for the 2010 Finish-a-thon, and it has now been finished after laying dormant for more than a year -- rather like a cicada, come to think of it!  
Summary:  Boromir is serenaded as he takes a mid-afternoon rest.
Word Count: 110

Boromir sat under a tree, legs stretched out before him.  Weary after long hours of trudging under the hot summer sun, the shade provided him welcome respite.

The resonant buzzing of cicadas filled the air, first growing loud, then ebbing away to begin again from another place.  One strident fellow claimed the branches above Boromir’s head for his own, his drumming music bold and insistent.

Boromir smiled, pleased at the sound and filled with contentment.  This song was common throughout Gondor, from the trees of his City to the fields and woods approaching the Sea.

He was far from home, but the sounds of home were with him, even here.
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I recently signed up for what is known as a Finish-a-thon -- the goal of which is to help a writer finish one of those long-neglected blot bunnies or already begun tales that are kicking around the place.

It is set up as a LiveJournal poll, and that means any of you who wish to can vote, to help me decide which of my stories gets finished -- or at least worked on to the point of 10,000 more words written, in the case of an impossibly long epic that could in no way be finished by the deadline!  ;-)

I have proposed the following tales as candidates for finishing -- two are multiple chapter works, and two are plot bunnies that I WILL write, but it looks like I need help in getting them started.  They are all in the LotR fandom:

Click here for Lin's stalled fics )

And my poll is here, so please go vote and help me choose which one to concentrate on this summer!  I think the polls are open until Friday, so don't hesitate, go vote!  :-D


I'm feeling quite stirred to finish all of them at this point, so the Finish-a-thon is already having a good effect!!
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Some time ago, I posted about being recognized with some awards for some tales that were nominated in the Middle-earth Fanfiction Awards.  I have participated in the MEFAwards for two years now, both as a nominated author and as a reviewer, and I really enjoy it!  Not just because of the personal gratification I get when people vote for my stories, but even more because it's a great way to find a lot of really, really excellent Tolkien writing, all gathered in one place.

The MEFAwards are about to begin again -- in fact, the season for nominating stories begins tomorrow, May 22!  I'm very excited to be a MEFA volunteer this year, in addition to being a writer and a reviewer.  ;-)  If you are interested in participating this year as an author, a reviewer, or even just a reader, be sure to read about how you can be involved futher down in this post!

Now -- to celebrate the new MEFA year, I would like to share my banners with you for those tales of mine which won last year.  (And if you are really curious, and if it's not too much bragging on my part, you can go look on my profile page for the banners representing those tales of mine which won in 2007).

The Best Sword Ever received Third Place in Times: Mid Third Age: General  

Feet That Wander
received First Place in Races: Cross-Cultural: General

A Great Evil Unmade received Second Place in Genres: Alternate Universe: Steward's Family

Obviously I was so busy admiring Boromir here that I didn't notice that the banner preparer had written 3rd Place instead of 2nd Place!  *is embarrassed* I shall have to see if she can still fix that, since I'm really pleased that this tale won 2nd place and I want to brag about it!  :-D

Fennas Haradren received First Place in Genres: Adventure: General

MEFA 2009 Nominations to Begin Soon )

See you at the MEFAwards!

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We had a lovely 10 day visit up to Wisconsin that included the Mother's Day weekend.  We worked hard, though!  We had the interesting situation of being without running water in our house for a number of days, as the DH was reworking the water pipes in preparation placing a new furnace and finishing the basement so DS can have a bigger room for himself.  But it was kind of fun to be dipping water out of buckets and heating it on the stove -- it brought back fond memories of life in Pakistan.  We had to do that plenty often in the summers when the city ran out of water because it hadn't rained enough.  At least this time we didn't have to haul it from a spring -- we just collected as much as we could in as many containers as we could scrape together, and it was enough.

The visit to my dad over Mother's Day was excellent.  He is doing well, in all ways.  We visited my mom, too -- and it was lovely day to be in the cemetery, placing flowers.

We are back in Chicago now, and the weather is finally beginning to be springlike, instead of threatening to go back to winter.  Looks like we might even have summer this week, for a change.  I imagine we'll be wishing for that cool breeze to return before long, but for now, the warm one is very pleasant.  I really like being able to have the windows open!  We get such a lovely breeze through our apartment that it's as good as being outside.

So after a good year of really not being very inclined to write, no matter how much I tried, my Muse has returned with a vengeance.  The other day I took out an old thing I had worked on a couple of years ago, and decided I wanted to finish it.  I had actually finished it when I first wrote it up way back when, but I decided I wanted to redo the last two chapters -- and it took me years to get around to that!

It's Boromir, of course!  I see it as a bit of a companion piece to Lords of Gondor, but it also can stand on its own, I think.  I am posting it chapter by chapter in other places, but here it is all together:

A Blade for the Battle )


Thanks for reading!  Hopefully, this isn't the extent of my Muse prodding.  I'd like to see progress on some of my other stalled tales as well.  It's quite embarrassing to look and see what the date was when I last update on some of those stories...  ;-)

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Today is February 26th, and I didn't want it to pass without acknowledging that special date in Boromir history, as has been my habit for a number of years. Boromir is very much alive at my house, however, and he was eager to remind me of that fact today...

Calling 911 -- A Conversation With Boromir )

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I spent most of the day writing, in order to submit a tale to a HASA challenge before it closed.  The challenge was X Takes the Ring, and had the following description:
I have seen a few stories over the years where for instance Galadriel takes the Ring when Frodo offers it to her. But what would happen if others were to take it, for any reason, good or evil? Aragorn? Boromir, Gandalf, or Pippin perhaps? Or Sam abandons Frodo at Cirith Ungol and goes on alone to try to destroy the Ring...

It wouldn't have to be a member of the Fellowship; maybe Barliman Butterbur finds a golden ring in the room the Hobbits used… or Bilbo loses it on one of his walking trips in the Shire…

These could be anything, serious, funny, dark; from drabbles to multi-chapter AUs, and anything in between.

My own idea had been plaguing me for months, and changed daily -- recently I managed to wrestle it into submission long enough to keep it from becoming another mult-chapter AU.  In any case, it still took me all day to write -- but here it is, and it's still March 25 where I am.

A fitting day for a story about the Ring going to Mount Doom.  ;-)  Read on...

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Over the course of the last few months, I've been participating in a game here at LJ called the Fanfiction Tumble Game.  Here's what it was all about:
The FanFicTumble is a variation of the Round Robin, a story that circles from one writer to the next, each adding his/her own chapter.  With the FanFicTumble however, there's not one story, but as many as there are participants. Everyone starts out with the same teaser, and every writer writes a part for each story.
Eight of us participated, so there were eight stories circulating.  It was really fun each round to get the next assignment and then have to try to figure out how to advance the story to a point where the next person could take it up and run with it.  And exciting, too, to be able to see how imaginative the other writers were at figuring out an interesting plot or an unexpected twist to the tale.  It was also hard, especially when writing characters I wasn't used to being involved with (like Elves!), or trying to figure out how to get a character out of a particularly tricky muddle -- or get a character into one, as the case may be!  :-D

Why am I telling you all this?  Well, because some of the stories have been finished, and are being revealed in their entirety, complete with the names of those who wrote each section in each story -- which had actually been a mystery to us writers as we participated, because the other authors' names were hidden during the course of the tumbling.  I finished my last installment this week and it's been posted for your reading pleasure.

I invite you to click on the following link, which will take you to the Tumble journal where you can access five of the eight stories -- and where the other stories will be available once they are completed.  The one I think of as "mine" -- the one which I began and ended -- is Number 5, and is called The Rider : Safekeeping Their Borders.  But I had input on all of the others, as well, so do have a look and let us know what you think!  There is a place to leave comments, and we'd love to see some.  ;-)

You can also access the link anytime from the link panel here at my LJ, in case you want to come back and read the tales again.  Thanks for looking and reading -- we who participated hope you will enjoy reading these tales as much as we enjoyed writing them!
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I have never been able to manage a drabble except once, ages ago, because I just could never say what I wanted to in so few words! But in trying to write something special for a friend's birthday awhile back, I up with this. When I originally wrote it, it counted out as exactly 400 words, so I called it a Quaddrabble, but now when I recount it, it doesn't seem to come out right!  Oh, well.  I shall just have to rewrite it some day, in a longer version, because the idea of this "might have been" intrigues me greatly.

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At the risk of burying my earlier post of the day, here is another!

In light of my exercise today wrestling with wet, heavy snow and a woefully inadequate shovel, here is a wee gap-filler I wrote as a companion piece to one of my favorite parts of FotR -- the passage through the snow on Caradhras."  My inspiration comes from Boromir, of course, in the following comment:
"...happily your Caradhras has forgotten that you have Men with you.  And doughty Men too, if I may say it; though lesser men with spades might have served you better. Still, we have thrust a lane through the drift; and for that all here may be grateful who cannot run as light as Elves."

As for shoveling, I did what I could, and I'm going to let DH deal with the rest, since I can't seem to interest Boromir in dealing with it!
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It's February 26, and that brings Boromir to mind, of course -- it being the day upon which the Fellowship was broken and Boromir was lost.  In honor of the day, I prepared a series of found poems that seem to fit together; though they are from different parts of the trilogy, they carry a common theme.


Thanks for reading!  I shall be back later to do some reading of my own in the journals of my friends.  Later, my dears!

ETA:  I had trouble with the cut text today, and that 1 in the middle there offends me, but I can't get rid of it without messing things up royally -- or deleting and starting over.  I think I'll just ignore it and go have lunch.
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I do believe that it is unheard of that I have ever gone a whole week without updating. I just changed that -- it has now been officially a week and a day since my last post. Did you notice? ;-)

A Time To Talk
Robert Frost.

When a friend calls to me from the road
And slows his horse to a meaning walk,
I don't stand still and look around
On all the hills I haven't hoed,
And shout from where I am, 'What is it?'
No, not as there is a time to talk.
I thrust my hoe in the mellow ground,
Blade-end up and five feet tall,
And plod: I go up to the stone wall
For a friendly visit.

I just found this poem recently, and I really love it!  It speaks so well about that which is my goal, too, in my relationships -- to take time, to be there when people want to talk, to put aside my busyness for something more important.  Unfortunately, I haven't been doing so well at that lately.

Some reasons for this are that I have, of course, been flat out taken up with moving and getting resettled.  This last week, however, we had to deal with a couple of things on top of that stress that kind of set us back a bit.  In point form:
  • I overdid it with moving and got sick, and had a hard time getting back to feeling good again, enough to keep up with the next stage of moving.
  • We literally did not have a proper bathroom until just the other day, and there's nothing like not being able to wash up properly to make one feel kind of wretched.
  • My son finally learned about the job he was hoping to get at the hospital -- they gave it to the other guy, who was inhouse.  So it's back to the drawing board in the job search department.
  • My brother-in-law's mother committed suicide early last week, very unexpectedly, and that was very hard for my sister and her hubby.  Hard for all of us, because we've never had to deal with something like that before, even in our extended family.
However, I am thankful to say that we are coping as we usually do, even with hard things.  I'm feeling better, the bathroom is getting better daily, things are getting set up and put in place (including the PC, yay!), my DS is pressing on in looking for the job he is meant to have since this other one obviously wasn't it, and we are being comforted after the shock of loss in the extended family.

Today's plan is to get out on my own and drive to my folks' place so I can fetch some things we need for the house -- shelves, a carpet, the artificial Christmas tree...  ;-)  Hopefully the fog will lift so it is a pleasant drive!  I also plan to stop on the way at a few places and do some leisurely Christmas shopping.  It will be nice to get away on my own, even if only for part of a day.

So another day will pass when I won't be very good at the friendly visiting with my dear ones, but my goal for the week is to get caught up on everyone.  I see many of you have those Christmas stockings up in your LJ, and I'm coming around to put something nice in them!  :-D  In the meantime, do know that you are being thought of tenderly, each and every one of you.

*hugs for the day*
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It's a cloud kind of day today!


See the mighty clouds, whose distant lofty tops
proud, shimmering rise, white as white snow!
Calmly they glide on, at last in calm to die below,
slowly dissolving in a shower of cool drops.

Majestic clouds - smiling onward they go straight
through life, through death in brilliant sun,
in ether so clear and pure, dark care unknown,
with quiet and grand contempt for their fate.

Would I were granted, festively proud as those,
to climb where the bustle of worlds does not tread
and bear the sunlight's golden wreath around my head
no matter how angrily round me the storms' roar goes.
by Karin Boye


I'm trying to keep my head in the sunlit clouds today even as I sit amidst a jumbly storm of packing boxes.  ;-)
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I had a good day yesterday of getting things done. I have to confess I did turn on the computer, once at midday -- to get some things printed from it that I needed for some work -- and then in the evening when my work was done, just to see how everyone was doing.

The task of packing to move is daunting, especially amidst all the other things that one has to do regularly, and the things that crop up suddenly and throw you into a tail spin, and things you have to do that involve going out of town, just when you really want to be home and get organized. We have to be out of town again this weekend, for like the 4th weekend in a row, and while the conference we are attending will be good, it's still time away from home -- both of them! The home we need to pack up into boxes and the home we need to fix up so it will be ready to receive those boxes.

But I'm not complaining -- just being realistic, hee!

So, yesterday was a good day. I got some boxes packed, got some non-email letters written, did some sorting and planning, and had a lovely walk. The weather was fantastic here yesterday, 66 degrees, sunny and breezy. Today is much the same -- rather springlike, in a fall sort of way, if you know what I mean. ;-) Snow tomorrow, maybe, which is okay, too, because after all, November is when you are supposed to have snow.

Speaking of which, that reminds me -- 21 years ago come November 11, we took the bus to the airport to fly to Pakistan, and it was snowing. But not when we got there, lol!

I've been in a tree sort of mood lately, and poems that use tree imagery are appealing to me. That's why I posted this one the other day:

If you didn't see it, go have a read, it's beautiful. And here's another:

May you all have an "unafraid" sort of day, as you strike root, become tree and ripen.   (((((F/list)))))
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I was going to post about my List of Doom, but I'll save that for another day -- suffice it to say, I am busy being busy and trying to accomplish things in a productive way that makes best use of the time that is given me.

What made me decide not to talk about all tasks that are worrying me and making me feel a bit thin and stretched is a poem I found this morning, when looking for something else. It is by Karin Boye, a Swedish writer, and it is beautiful. It seems to apply somehow, in these days -- I hope you all will find it as encouraging as I have!


Yes, of course it hurts when buds are breaking.
Why else would the springtime falter?
Why would all our ardent longing
bind itself in frozen, bitter pallor?
After all, the bud was covered all the winter.
What new thing is it that bursts and wears?
Yes, of course it hurts when buds are breaking,
hurts for that which grows
and that which bars.

Yes, it is hard when drops are falling.
Trembling with fear, and heavy hanging,
cleaving to the twig, and swelling, sliding -
weight draws them down, though they go on clinging.
Hard to be uncertain, afraid and divided,
hard to feel the depths attract and call,
yet sit fast and merely tremble -
hard to want to stay
and want to fall.

Then, when things are worst and nothing helps
the tree's buds break as in rejoicing,
then, when no fear holds back any longer,
down in glitter go the twig's drops plunging,
forget that they were frightened by the new,
forget their fear before the flight unfurled -
feel for a second their greatest safety,
rest in that trust
that creates the world.

-- Karin Boye, 1935
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For Verse Thursday, a poem that seems to fit the quiet autumn day we are having here in Wisconsin...

Today was a pleasant day, though very cool, and not always sunny.  I am somewhat under the weather, with a relapsed cold -- the kind that returns when you are almost better from the last one.  Not quite bad enough to be totally miserable, but enough to make me feel quiet.

In spite of my fears after having a very bad week with my dieting, I still lost some weight, so that was encouraging!  Other things accomplished today were spending almost $100 on groceries, and making lunch.  Guess that's enough for one day, hee!

Hubby and I are still discussing the house situation.  We are going back and forth back and forth between the two.  We are getting the feeling that one of them might actually be too small for us, even with some work on it.  Not much point in spending a chunk of your savings on a house and then have it be not right.  My prayer is that we will be able to make a decision before the week is out, and get things moving with the realtor.  Not sure if that is realistic "hubby-wise" -- he has a list as long as his arm of things he wants to look into before he decides.  I'm fine with that, as long as we don't lose out by thinking too hard and too long.  I think I have made my decision, actually -- now the trick is to gently convince without forcing an unwilling decision.  Still, I think Hubby actually is beginning to think the same as I do... least for today!  :-D
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This is a story I worked on this weekend, as a submission for a challenge on a writer's board I belong to.  The idea was to choose a work of art and write about something from the world of Middle-earth that the painting reminded you of.  Here is what I came up with, along with the painting that inspired it:

Respite )

The painting is Le Repos [Rest] by William Bouguereau (1825-1905). A high resolution image can be found here at The Art Renewal Center.


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