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For those who are following Sharpe and his chosen men by reading through the series chronologically -- and anyone else who is interested or wants to join in now or later -- now is the time to make your first report concerning your progress.

Anything special to report?  Have you finished and moved on?  Any favorite passages or images that you wish to share?

Here is something that may be of interest, as you read Tiger -- and later, Triumph and Fortress.  Click here for images of the actual places featured in Sharpe's Tiger and the India series, taken by Bernard Cornwell when he visited India.

I've never been to these places before, but I've been to places much like them -- that's one thing I love about reading this particular set of Sharpe's adventures, the vivid description of the countryside that fits so well with my memories of my time in the northern parts of the Subcontinent.

Do remember to report back here at intervals over the weekend to read what the other "Chosen Men" are sharing.

For those who are new to this adventure, click on the tag at the bottom of the post, to see the previous post about this challenge, including the booklist and our plan to march through Portugal and Spain.

Last but not least, here is a picture of Bernard Cornwell with our hero, at the Battle of... I mean, at the filming of Sharpe's Challenge, the new television film that comes out in the fall here in North America, taking elements from all of Sharpe's India adventures and making a new tale of it -- that I can't wait to see, I might add.  ;-)

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We are looking for the Chosen few who would join the ranks of die hard Sharpe Fans Soldiers.  Those who join this elite company shall be encouraged to read 11 books in 11 weeks to coincide with the release of the latest account of Sharpe's adventures. You will have your library as a Stock pile and or your local bookstores both new and old.

Put your mark on the line if you so choose to join and you will receive further orders shortly.

Here is a wee bit of our marching song.

There's forty shillings on the drum
To those who volunteer to come,
To read Sharpe’s Rifles everyday
Over the Hills and far away.

O'er the hills and o'er the main
Through Flanders, Portugal and Spain.
King George commands and we obey,
Over the hills and far away.

For those who wish to accept Sharpe's challenge, here is a chronological list of the novels, that will help you organize your journey through India, Portugal and Spain. The newest book comes out in September, so it will be a challenge indeed, but a fun one! Even if you don't have all the books, or can't get them easily, I hope you will consider joining us! Even I don't have all the books on hand, but I know where they are at the library, so I'm all set, locked and loaded and ready to go!

Watch this space for more marching orders...


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