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Time for an update!  Think I'll use bullet form, as it's more concise.
  • I am royally sick of coughing.  As far as I can tell, the only time I've been cough free this year is when I'm taking prednisone.  I might resort to that one more time before I see my doc next month, since I have a refill and since the coughing is getting to be pretty much unbearable.  I thought it was improving there for awhile, but either I was mistaken or the cough changed its mind and came back with friends.
  • The latest update from Pakistan is that those friends of ours who have lost their homes are going to be moving in to the housing on the compound where we used to live.  So our empty house will be useful again, yay!  Seems like there is more rain coming up north, and that will swell the river again and the whole mess could start all over.  :-(  I'm praying otherwise!
  • I just got back from a trip to New Jersey for a conference that was a nice break and a good time of visiting people we don't see often -- it would have been more relaxing if I could have coughed less throughout!
  • I am getting organized to go to Wisconsin for a week, partly to touch base with my dad and my son, but also to attend my 35th class reunion.  I'm really looking forward to that, it will be fun!  I had a great time at the last one, and I don't expect it to be any different this time around.  I'm looking forward to see friends I haven't seen for years, as well as the ones that I see every time I visit my home town.
  • The deadline for the Finish-a-thon I am taking part in, trying to get some more chapters written on Lords of Gondor, is coming up on Friday.  I am afraid I'm not going to make it, though I will go down trying.  I committed to 8,000 words, and I have only produced 2,000 so far -- though there is at least one chapter brewing that should be ready this week and which will up the count a bit.  Hopefully I'll have some time to work on this goal AND have the concentration it takes to actually stick to it to try to make it happen.  Concentration is rather lacking these days.  ;-)
Well, I have to get organized to go supervise some English students.  Hopefully there will be enough teachers available today that I won't have to teach.  I"m allergic to teaching these days, since it makes me cough.  ;-)
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About a month ago, I shared in my journal that I had decided to take part in a Finish-a-thon, to help push me towards finishing some of the stories I had begun writing, but which had stalled along the way.  People voted on which of my tales or plot bunnies should be the one I concentrate on, and my alternate universe tale Lords of Gondor won the poll.  I was glad about this, because it is the one that I felt needed the biggest push for me to get working on it again -- particularly since I haven't written anything new for it in more than a year!!  :-(  I committed to writing 8,000 words on this tale by August 13th.

Since then, I have been twiddling my thumbs and wasting time, so I now have to scramble to keep from failing in my goal.  However, the last few days have been well-spent getting back on track and I have at last broken the bonds of writer's block and have produced a chapter, wheee!!

I'm sure everyone has forgotten where we were and what was happening, so if you are interested in some review, just click on the Lords of Gondor tag below, and that will bring you the rest of the chapters, plus other LoG related posts.  In addition, I thought it would be good to also include the final portion of the last chapter along with this new one, since this chapter picks up where that one left off.


Lords of Gondor Chapter 46 plus intro )

Thanks for reading!  You can expect several more chapters in the next month, since I really do not intend to fail in my attempt to write 8,000 more words on this tale.  ;-)

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Well, the cicada plot bunny really gave the Lords of Gondor epic a run for its money in the Finish-a-thon poll!  They were tied for quite awhile there, right up until the end!  However, Lords of Gondor pulled ahead at the last minute, so that is the tale that I am committed to "finish."

Of course, there really is no way I can finish it in just 8 weeks, which is the amount of time I have to spend on this writing marathon.  So I am going to instead choose a set amount of words to write, and that will be my goal.

So, in order to be accountable to myself and to the Finish-a-thon group, I hereby commit to writing at least 8,000 words for Lords of Gondor by the due date of August 13th!

I actually calculated my average chapter size from past chapters and 8,000 words comes to about 3 chapters -- I should be able to handle that, right?  *hopes*

I still might have to write that cicada tale, also -- but not until after I've made sure I've done what I need to for the winning tale.  ;-)
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I recently signed up for what is known as a Finish-a-thon -- the goal of which is to help a writer finish one of those long-neglected blot bunnies or already begun tales that are kicking around the place.

It is set up as a LiveJournal poll, and that means any of you who wish to can vote, to help me decide which of my stories gets finished -- or at least worked on to the point of 10,000 more words written, in the case of an impossibly long epic that could in no way be finished by the deadline!  ;-)

I have proposed the following tales as candidates for finishing -- two are multiple chapter works, and two are plot bunnies that I WILL write, but it looks like I need help in getting them started.  They are all in the LotR fandom:

Click here for Lin's stalled fics )

And my poll is here, so please go vote and help me choose which one to concentrate on this summer!  I think the polls are open until Friday, so don't hesitate, go vote!  :-D


I'm feeling quite stirred to finish all of them at this point, so the Finish-a-thon is already having a good effect!!


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