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Success!  I have reached my goal of 7,000 words added to my Lords of Gondor WIP -- what a relief!  The total word count between the three chapters written for the Finish-a-thon challenge comes to 7,078 or so, so I just barely made it.  But I'm content.  Now I'll just have to keep my momentum going and not let months pass before I add Chapter 52.  ;-)

Without further ado, here are Chapters 50 and 51:

Lords of Gondor Chapter 50 )


Lords of Gondor Chapter 51 )

Thanks for reading!

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The story which won the Finish-a-thon 2012 poll was Lords of Gondor. Thus, I am committed to writing 7,000 words for this story by the due date of June 8th at midnight! Real Life is holding me back from making the progress I wanted to make towards this goal, but I'm not giving up. I'm a third of the way there with this latest chapter, yay!

Here is Lords of Gondor Chapter 49, the first installment towards my Finish-a-thon 2012 goal:

Lords of Gondor Chapter 49 )
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I have signed up to participate in the Finish-a-thon again this year, and I need everyone to help me by voting in the poll that will choose which story I will "finish" by the due date in June.  I have listed 4 stories in my poll, and state whether I am committed to finishing or writing a certain number of words in the next few months.

Click on the following link to vote!

If you do not have a Dreamwidth account, you can sign in using your LJ OpenID --  You'll be asked to approve access to DW and then you can proceed by clicking on the link for the poll.  If you have any trouble, let me know!

Thanks for your help in deciding what I'll be writing in the coming weeks.  ;-)


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