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I was looking through old writing this past week, and found this little gem.  I'm not sure it ever got posted here, so even though it's old and refers to a story I haven't updated recently, and a football game from years past, it still applies in many ways to The Game at hand.

So in honor of Boromir and the Green Bay Packers who are playing in the Super Bowl tomorrow (and hopefully winning!), I give you the following conversation....

Fourth and Goal )


Let's hope it goes as well tomorrow!  \o/

ETA:  Which, of course, it did -- another nail biter right down to the last seconds but WE WON, whew!  *\o/*
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Today is February 26th, and I didn't want it to pass without acknowledging that special date in Boromir history, as has been my habit for a number of years. Boromir is very much alive at my house, however, and he was eager to remind me of that fact today...

Calling 911 -- A Conversation With Boromir )

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Happy Memorial Day Monday, my dears!

It's not quite as lovely a day here today as it was yesterday, I'm thinking it might rain at some point -- but maybe that's a good thing, because if it's overcast, it won't bother my sunburn as much as it would if I went out in the sun.  Not that I'm particularly planning on being out in the sun today; it's traditional to picnic and parade on Memorial Day, but we did that yesterday.  We'll see what  mood takes us for today.  A walk in the woods might still be in order...

Yesterday was our annual church canoe trip and picnic.  I quite enjoyed the canoing again this year.  The water level in the river this year was higher than usual, which was mostly a good thing, because we didn't scrape bottom quite as often.  ;-)  The Sugar River is not a very dangerous one, since for the most part, you can save yourself if you fall in by simply standing up.  There were a couple a places where we got stuck on submerged tree branches, however, and that was a bit tricksy trying to get free without spilling ourselves into the water.  But we managed to make the entire journey without getting wet from dunking.

I managed to come through without injury this year, though I do have a bit of a sunburn which doesn't seem to have been stopped by sunscreen.  I had a very bad time last summer when I developed a sun allergy that was made worse by sunscreen, so I am quite leary of getting burned now.  I was very careful yesterday, using hypoallergenic sunscreen, and wearing a floppy hat and long sleeves, but I still got a burn on my neck that is bothersome and unusually itchy.  That makes for a good reason to avoid more sun, so maybe I'll stay inside and do some writing today, instead of going to the parade that is scheduled for later in the day.  ;-)

Speaking of writing and Memorial Day parades, I am reminded of a wee Boromir conversation I wrote some time ago.  I used to post a chapter of a serial tale I am writing every Monday, but I tended not to post on Mondays that were holidays, because people often missed the chapter because of being gone.  So the Boromir in my conversations developed a distrust of Monday holidays!  Those of you who are familiar with my Boromir conversations will remember this one, I think.  :-D   I probably reposted it last Memorial Day, as well!

Hmmm......  cheese for breakfast sounds rather appealing, you know?  Think I'll go have some!

Have a lovely day, my dear friends, however you spend it.
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I want to share with you all the lovely story my Dear Son wrote for me for Christmas -- he is a true Son of Lin, as I think you will agree after reading this tale, lol!

Only one disclaimer is necessary, and that is that the views expressed by the author of the following tale concerning the Boromir Bobblehead are NOT shared by the owner of this LiveJournal.  ;-)

Now that I've shared one of my favorite gifts with you, I am off to the mall to exchange a calendar that was not needed by my brother for one that I did NOT get for Christmas, and really must have -- the Lord of the Rings Portraits calendar.  ;-)
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I've got moving on my mind today.  I remember how much of a hassle moving was last year, and how much chocolate I ate because of the stress of it all!  I'm hoping to do better this time around -- with the chocolate, at least, if not with the hassle and the stress.  Basically, it comes down to this -- we are moving THIS MONTH and I need to pack, and soon, as well as try to keep up with all the other things that are important to me in the process.

Guess I'll get started then!  :-D

Having moving on my mind brought something else to mind, and that's a conversation I had with Boromir during one of my moves in the past -- not sure which one it was, whether it was a move within the States or a move to Pakistan.  Not that it really matters -- it still is an appropriate way to look at moving, that makes me actually feel like getting up and packing a box, lol!  And then letting Boromir carry it!

So, for verse Thursday, I give you...

ETA:  Almost forgot -- the WW update!  I amazingly lost .8 lbs this week, in spite of indulging in some chocolate and seasonal goodies like candy corn and candy pumpkins, yum! So I'm still on track, yay!
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I have been struggling of late with all the things I need to get done and all I am responsible for. My favorite way of dealing with tasks is to make a list. Sometimes it helps, and sometimes it doesn't!

Back in April, I posted a conversation I had with Boromir, based on the Council of Elrond, about the List of Doom. Click here to review what took place at that Council:

Just today, I had another conversation with Boromir about my List and how to deal with it. Was he helpful or not? You be the judge...

Linaewen's Bane )
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Well, you may think it a matter of questionable taste to do a conversation with Boromir "over his dead body" but a few things came to mind after seeing him at the Boston Exhibition, and once a conversation with Boromir gets ahold of me, it never lets me go...

Just Sleeping... A Conversation with Boromir )
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It's been awhile since I did one of these -- in fact, it's been really a long while! For those who might be reading this journal who are not familiar with these little chats I have with Boromir, you can find previous Conversations -- on a wide variety of topics -- at the following location in the LOTR Scrapbook:

Going to the Airport -- A Conversation with Boromir )
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Since it's Memorial Day, I have decided to post here the Boromir conversation I did last year, which is one of my favorites!

Boromir Experiences the Power of Cheese )
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I am a busy bee in the RW these days running the Guest House for my mission home office as well as working as a writer/copy editor in the office. I have a tiny bit of a break this weekend before it begins to get REALLY bad! Kind of reminds me of the first week on the job here, back in November after we had barely moved in; I had a conversation with Boromir on that occasion, which I repost here...

Linaewen's New Job )
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Here's how I spent my day, instead of doing some of the work that was on my list! This has also been posted at ME, but I thought it would be fun to include it here as well.

The List of Doom )


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