Mar. 17th, 2012 11:56 am
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I imported my LJ to my Dreamwidth account (wow, it took less than 5 minutes, awesome!) and now I'm setting up cross-posting.  So this is a test to see if it works, and what it looks like in my LJ.

Interestingly enough, the import kept all my icons (something like 66!), even though I only get 15 at DW.  Now I'll have to figure out which ones are active and which aren't.  I don't expect I'll go to a paid account at DW at this point, because I'm trying to save some money here, but I have to admit, 15 icons is really hard to get used to after having 66!  :-)

I've had a paid account at LJ for a number of years, but I've decided not continue that paid account.  I am considering switching my LJ to a plus account -- mainly because I can't bear to part with all the user icons I would lose if I went back to basic!  As it is, I'll still lose a lot (including my extra ones I got for having a paid account year by year), but a plus account gives me a few more to keep than a basic account does.  And really, I'm not posting as much as I used to so it's really for the best when it comes right down to it!

So, anyway, let's see how this works....

UPDATE:  Well, it worked nicely, but I see that the import has totally screwed up my icons at DW, by switching in some from LJ seemingly at random and making the rest inactive.  Guess the next thing I have to figure out is how to repair the damage, but it could be worse!  It might help me get in the mood for deleting LJ icons in advance of my (likely) move to a paid account!
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I haven't really made any public posts here as yet, but I'm getting settled now, so I think I ought to!  At some point, I will probably have to import my LJ over here, but I'm currently still exploring DW and I'll do the importing when I get a round tuit.

For those of you who know me over at LJ, you'll notice I have a different theme at DW -- there's no sign of Gondor anywhere, though I expect it will put in an appearance at some point.  ;-)  Maybe here, maybe in my fic journal -- [personal profile] linaewens_fic -- which is also still fledgling.  Probably both places, since that place is pretty ingrained by now!  But I'm still considering my options!

My current hobby is teaching myself Japanese, so my journal here is reflecting that.  I can truthfully say that anime and manga had something to do with my interest in Japanese originally, but it's gone way beyond that now.  My love for learning languages (I was a French/Spanish major in college and lived overseas for a time and learned Urdu from the ground up) has kicked in and I'm wanting to learn Japanese for itself now.  I've got a bit of an ear for it at this point, and that's making it much easier to study it on my own (with the help of some books I bought myself for my birthday back in June).  I'm really enjoying reading about Japanese grammar at the moment, if you can believe it!  I do like grammar -- I remember when I first started learning Urdu, it was just useful phrases and survival kind of stuff, but I was desperate for a book with grammar in it.  What a relief when we got to the grammar part, lol!

It will be interesting to see if learning Japanese has an affect on my Urdu.  I think I might confuse my Pakistani friends here in Chicago if I suddenly start speaking in Japanese -- which is a real possibility when adding a new language to the mix in my brain.  I currently can't speak hardly any French or Spanish, even though I can still read it and understand it to some extent -- when I open my mouth now, the only thing that comes out is Urdu, since it's the language I use the most.  I'll be content if I can just read and understand Japanese at this point.  I've always found that ability in reading and understanding come first anyway, and speaking ability follows slowly but surely, with practice.


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