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I have an old blog at Vox, which has been dormant for some time; I didn't really do much with it, and haven't thought about it until recently.  Vox is closing down at the end of the month, so I've been going through my posts there to see if there is anything that wasn't cross-posted here -- anything worth saving, that is!

Well, I found one that is worth posting now,even though it happened years ago!  It's the kind of thing that could happen at any time (in dreams, at least).  I am happy to say, I haven't had a dream like this recently -- in spite of the fact that I'm totally stressed out these days, lol!

So, from November 17, 2007, I give you "I HAD A JOB AND I FORGOT TO GO."

I had a dream last night, one that I have had in the past, where I am a volunteer at a library where they are really relying on me to come in and work -- and I forget to go.  I forget to go for years, and yet they are still waiting for me to come in.  I even have a printed schedule of when I am to work and what I am to do, and I still forget!  The other librarians aren't mad at me or anything, but I feel so bad that I have let them down, lol!

The weird thing about this dream was that it was so realistic, that I had to think carefully upon waking up whether I had actually had such a job and forgot to go!  Of course, I didn't.

It was a variation on the classic "remembering I never went to an important class and then discovering it was the last day of the semester" dream, which I also have at intervals. And I haven't been in school for over 25 years!  I usually have dreams like this when I am under stress because of lots to do and I feel I'm not keeping up.

I guess this is a sign I should lighten up, or get to work, or take a vacation, or run away!  :-D

I hope I haven't opened myself up to having dreams like this again, now that I have reminded myself of it.  If I have one, I'll let you know!


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