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Aug. 22nd, 2017 02:04 pm[personal profile] shirebound
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I'm reading your wonderful posts every day, but don't have time (or energy) yet to post or write. Every day is full, morning to night, of things I need to accomplish to get this move complete. It will take a few more weeks before the world stops spinning, but I'm *starting* to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Just have to keep reeaaaching for it....

Love to you all.

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Aug. 16th, 2017 07:18 am[personal profile] shirebound
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I don't know why I'm so hard on myself, I really don't. Around 11:30 a.m. yesterday I started feeling panic because I hadn't yet started two important projects I had planned to tackle that morning. But then I made myself think back to what I had already accomplished since waking, and felt better:

* Fixed the shower head
* Showered
* Found some things Shiremom was looking for
* Went through two cartons and found places for everything
* Walked Pippin 3 times (once in the rain)
* Went through the mail
* Tried in vain to figure out what the switch in the hallway is attached to
* Tried in vain, for a third time, to get someone at the Social Security Admin. to answer the phone
* Ate breakfast and lunch
* Went online and printed out new voter registration forms
* Enjoyed reading recent posts on Dreamwidth and LJ
* Responded to sweet comments
* Found the light bulbs and set up a few lamps
* Moved my bed to a new position
* Sent two texts and one email

It's been less than a week since the moving van arrived, and Shiremom and I have a lot already. I'm proud of us. :)

Rotten boards and Dip in Road

Aug. 15th, 2017 05:27 pm[personal profile] primsong
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Still poking away at repairing my house for eventual sale, learning all kinds of stuff - with Hubby down in CA I am free to run amok with power tools unsupervised, hee hee....

Finished replacing the rotten boards on the back deck with some caveats on it being 'successful' - I can't figure out why some of them refuse to lay flat when the boards themselves are not bent and the under structure was still sound. Better luck, I hope, with the rotten boards in the front steps that are next, I have them cut, sanded and half-stained in the garage at this point. Woot!

Busy chipping away at our very hard soil trying dredge up enough dirt to fill a dip the torrential rains this last spring dug by one corner of the house. Got a chunk of new gutter so I can do my best to replace the bad gutter section responsible for that - hope I can figure that one out, as the October Rains will be here before I know it. Also learned how to play with the air compressor so I could get the car's tires back up to snuff. ;-) Learned air compressors are fun!

Hope everyone else is also getting some of those summer projects out of the way while they can.
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Wowee, I don't know where to start, except to say that I'm NEVER MOVING AGAIN. Never ever. The past weeks have been intense, but 7 days of 400-miles-a-day driving got us to New Jersey just hours before the moving van -- which had taken a different route across the country -- pulled up in front of the cute little house Shiremom and I will be renting from my brother. We've only really had time to unpack the essentials, stack up unopened boxes to go through as we find the time, find the supermarket, and introduce Pippin to the neighborhood. Pip goes wild every time she sees squirrels, a new experience for her! If she could climb the trees after them, she would. She'll have to make the transition from city dog to country dog in her own special way. She was such a good girl on the journey. I made the back seat as comfy as possible for her.

We've slept in the new house for the past few nights, and it seems to be a quiet neighborhood (except for a few barking dogs). My busy brother and sister-in-law have been able to help out more than I had anticipated, and one of my nieces and her fiance arrive in town today also for a visit. I need to get down to Philly to see my dad and bring him up here (about a 40-minute drive), and my "to do" list is still quite long. But.... the Big Move is done!

Shiremom is very very happy, but I'm too tired to be anything but relieved. I suspect that a quiet joy will fill me in the weeks to come when the craziness of the past months starts to ease.

It's been frustrating to be so out of touch with your lives (especially hard since halfway through the trip my computer broke). I'm limping along on Shiremom's 14-year-old laptop at the moment. I'll start reading my flists on Dreamwidth and LJ again starting tomorrow, but not backtracking. Please oh please point me toward any posts since July 30th that you'd like me to read!



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