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Well, I haven't posted in ages, but since I have some news, I thought it would be appropriate to start the new year off with an actual post -- maybe it will help me set the right tone for more posting in the new year!

My holidays did not quite go as planned this year, as my father passed away the day after Christmas.  He had been in the nursing home and was pretty frail, but we weren't quite expecting it this soon.  My family members each had a lovely time with him over the Christmas holiday as we visited him in the nursing home, and we take great comfort in that!  His passing was quick and painless, and that is also a comfort.  The celebration of his life was exactly what he would have wanted -- he was a science teacher in the public school system and involved in the local outdoor education program for many years, so as part of his eulogy (done by a fellow teacher) we sang the camp song he was famous for!  It was the best kind of funeral -- more laughter than tears.

I'm taking a few extra days off before returning to my duties as teacher of English as a Second Language at our center that serves South Asian immigrants.  We are also keeping tabs on my father-in-law, who's been in the hospital since before Christmas.  We're not sure when he's getting out, or what his prognosis is, and since my husband is the one who makes decisions on his behalf, we have decided to continue our stay with our son for an extra week.

Even though the end of 2014 was a bit more stressful than expected, it was still filled with blessings, and I am looking forward to seeing what God will do in my life in the coming new year!

God bless and a Happy New Year to you all!
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